DrivingSales: Pioneer and Paradigm

DrivingSales was founded in 2003 to provide a vendor neutral place to learn and share best practices. Today, DrivingSales has members in 7 countries across the globe and helps tens of thousands of industry professionals be more profitable. Dealership managers, OEMs, and other industry professionals are welcome to participate and make our industry better.

DrivingSales.com is similar to other social networks such as Facebook, but rather than focusing on the sharing of social information, it was built exclusively for dealership professionals to share and discuss best practices, tips, and strategies. You will find blogs by industry experts, videos, and a discussion section where anyone can post a question and get answers from their peers nationwide. You can easily find exatly what your dealership needs because all of the content on the site can be filtered by an "activity" in a specific "department". For example, you can view information to "Grow Sales" in "Used Cars" or "Cut Costs" in "Fixed Operations."

DrivingSales.com is the largest car dealer social network where thousands of dealership professionals collaborate and share best practices in a 20-group style setting. The site is the industry's largest source of free dealership best practices information.

At DrivingSales, members create profiles, network with each other and share best practices. Dealership managers are allowed to rate and review their dealership vendors in a verified setting. DrivingSales hosts the largest retail focused community of automotive blogs, videos, interviews, social automotive news feeds and more.

DrivingSales was created and built from the ground up in 2003 by Jared Hamilton, a third generation auto dealer, as a private automotive business community to network his NADA Dealer Candidate Academy class. The site opened nationally in 2008 and is the industry's leading automotive social media custom platform. In December 2009, DrivingSales was the only non-OEM to be named one of ten social media gambits for 2009 by Automotive News and one of the Top 10 Companies to Watch by Auto Success Magazine.

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