Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Any vendor that serves car dealerships can apply. To apply for the Innovation Cup, simply complete the entry form describing your innovative solution.

What solutions qualify?

Your solution must have launched, or will launch in the calendar year of the contest, or be a significant product upgrade during the calendar year to qualify.

When does the contest take place?

The contest takes place at the DrivingSales Executive Summit which is held each fall in Las Vegas. Visit the DSES site for dates and details.

How long are the presentations?

Each finalist is given 5 minutes on stage to present. When the buzzer goes off the demo stops and the presenter gets 4 minutes of open Q&A with the judges onstage.

Who gets to present onstage?

We receive dozens of entries within the application dates each year, the dealer judges select the 6 most innovative solutions as finalists, only they get to present onstage.

What awards are given out?

We give out three Innovation Cup awards:

  • Nominated – Most Innovative Solution of the Year
    While any vendor can submit their innovative solution for judging, these solutions received two or more written nominations/endorsements by dealers.
  • Finalist – The Most Innovative Solution of the Year
    This award is given out to the top 6 solutions, as selected by the dealers, from the dozens of applications.
  • The Most Innovative Solution of the Year.
    This award is given to the finalist who scores the most points when presenting live in front of the dealer judges at the DrivingSales Executive Summit.

Who does the judging?

We select 10 dealership executives to do the judging. Included in the 10 and multiple General Managers, Dealer Principles and Group Executives, as well as a decision maker from each dealership department. What are the criteria the judges use to determine the winners? The products are scored on a 1-10 point scale in response to the following three questions:

  • Does this solution solve an important pain point for you? (10 yes, 1 no)
  • How well does the solution solve the problem at hand? (10 being the highest)
  • Would you buy this product? (10 being yes, 0 being NO)

Do you have to be a sponsor or advertiser to win an award?

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  This contest is about uncovering the most innovative solution.  We encourage everyone to apply, and all will give the same opportunity to compete.  Nothing DrivingSales does is pay to play.

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