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About The DrivingSales Innovation Cup

The DrivingSales Innovation Cup is an annual dealer based contest to uncover the auto industry’s “Most Innovative Solution.”

Any solution provider with a significant upgrade to an existing product or a new product altogether can apply to compete. The solutions are judged by Dealer Principles, General Managers and dealership decision-makers representing all dealership departments. Once the judges have selected the six most innovative solutions from the applicants, the finalists face off on stage at the DrivingSales Executive Summit. Hundreds of dealerships watch live as a winner is crowned with “The Most Innovative Solution of the Year” and takes home the Innovation Cup!

About DrivingSales

Back in 2003, while attending NADA’s Dealer Candidate Academy, Jared Hamilton built a private website so his class could better collaborate and share best practices outside the classroom. The website,, was designed to function like a free online 20 group for dealership professionals.

Over the last six years, the site has evolved. In June 2008, opened its doors to the entire automotive community. Dealers who learned of it shared it with their managers, who shared it with their peers, and word spread. The community has grown from a small Academy class to one of the largest sources of unbiased, vendor-neutral information in the industry. DrivingSales now serves tens of thousands of industry professionals with dealership-focused, proven best practices.

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